Management Message

“Nearly fifty years ago, my father, Abdullatif Nasser Almanie, then a young and enthusiastic businessman, noticed the dawn of a cultural and economic shift in the Kuwaiti society. He recognized then what we know now, that successful businesses must be consistent, reliable, and built on strong business foundations.”

That is when my father established Abdullatif Almanie Trading Company in 1968, which later became what Almanie Group is today.

Today, the company is home to a collection of prominent brands, offering products and services over multiple sectors. The most important factor leading Almanie Group to success is our dynamic support system, which later became an essential part of the company.

Any responsible business aspires to provide quality products, maintain honesty and hard work; however, to be successful and sustain a profitable business, the people behind the business must deliver quality, resilience and willingness to explore new opportunities and markets. These principles continue to be the foundation upon which Almanie Group was built. They represent Almanie Group’s origins, culture and future.

My father, the late Mr. Abdullatif Almanie, views and practices continue at the very core of our businesses today. Strong leadership, structure and transparency; inspire our people and encourage creativity and innovation; supports our businesses by leveraging their strengths and resources; and take full responsibility towards our communities.

- Nasser Abdullatif Almanie.